Luster's Scurl

With over five decades of experience, Lusters Products have been formulated and reformulated to meet the specialized needs of natural hair care. Designed to make natural hair care easy and cost-effective, Luster has enriched dozens of natural hair solutions catering to the needs of the entire family. We know that men face unique challenges when it comes to the care of their natural curls, waves, locs, and coils which is why we help them to achieve healthy resilience with every formula. SCurl products by Luster Products specifically cater to men and their natural hair care needs.

Luster Products were founded in 1957 by Fred Luster Sr, a successful barber who took his shop to the next level when he created hair care products specifically formulated to revive natural hair. After using and selling his products in his barbershop, the demand increased as the word spread of his product’s effectiveness. Luster began selling his products to other stylists and barbers and was able to build his start-up company into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

SCurl takes the guesswork out of your natural hair routine. For decades we have provided an effective but simple solution for men who believe in the power of haircare and grooming for their natural hair and beards. As a reliable name in the haircare market, we have consistently provided highly efficacious hair solutions to curly, kinky, wavy, coiled, and loc’d natural hair.

From years of research and always testing our products on ourselves and our families long before they hit the market, we’ve proven that our products address men’s specific natural hair needs. From scalp care to styling, we consistently provide effective solutions to the complexities of men’s natural hair. Luster Products stand out for all of the right reasons.