Who We Are

GroomNoir is a UK based black owned hair and beard care retail company. We specialise in products and accessories specifically curated for black men. GroomNoir was launched in the summer of 2018 and has seen rapid growth in shipping products all over the UK and wider Europe.
Although launched in 2018, the journey began long before that. The founder Timi, an ex Mechanical Engineer, got the inspiration to create GroomNoir when his career took him to remote parts of England far away from multicultural cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham. As a black man in these areas, finding products made for his skin and hair type was a bit of an impossible mission, he couldn't just walk into the men's section of any departmental store and find the right products. These were the same issues a lot of black men faced. The challenges will get even more complex if one decides to change up his style. If you currently have deep 360 degree waves, but now you want locs or a twist, or perhaps you decide to embrace your receding hairline and go completely bald? What products do you use? How often? These are the questions that most black men struggle to find answers to. This is exactly why GroomNoir was created, to be the go-to website where black men can go with confidence and be spoilt for choice in different brands on offer. A website that displays products based you your style of choice and at affordable prices.

Our Mission

It is plain and simple, we aim to be the number one go-to brand for every black man in the UK and Europe. We are committed to the idea that black men should get the right product for them at affordable prices. GroomNoir is for the everyday man, we want to be here for a lifetime this is why our strategy is for the long term. We partner with product manufacturers in the UK and the USA directly, thereby cutting out the middle man completely and therefore ensuring that we get the best wholesale prices. These cost savings are passed on to our customers as we have a low markup rate. Our products start at £1.99 and the most expensive product is less than £25 (€30). We hold all our stock in-house and partner with the best shipping companies in the UK to get products into your hands as quickly as possible.