Super Gro Hair and Scalp Conditioner 7oz by DAX

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  • DAX SuperGro Hair and Scalp Conditioner is made with organic oils to give dry, unruly hair the natural health and beauty it needs. Use daily to develop soft, shiny, and naturally healthy hair and scalp.

    Botanical Oil Blend — Natural Oils add shine to the hair, helping reduce breakage enhancing hair length, strength and thickness. Helps to nourish hair and smooth hair cuticle. Helps to enhance the health and vitality of your hair to help with hair growth. Helps to make hair softer and more manageable

    Hair Type:
    Straight, curly or coarse hair structures
    Dry, damaged hair
    All hair lengths

    Expected Results:
    Less breakage
    Softer, shinier hair and light hold
    Healthier hair and scalp
    Can also be used as a finishing oil/sheen after hot tools
  • Place desired amount in hands and rub between palms until even. Massage DAX SuperGro gently and thoroughly into hair and scalp.