Bump Patrol

We’re Patrol Grooming, a Men’s Grooming company that delivers on this promise every day to men everywhere: everything we do, every product we make is designed to help you to present your best self.

Breaking new ground in men’s skincare and grooming is not only our legacy, it’s our future.

It’s a promise we’ve kept since 1991 when we first introduced the Bump Patrol Brand, the #1 men’s product for a smooth, bump-free shave and silky skin. Millions of customers count on us for exceptional skincare products at more than 30,000 retail stores in over 50 countries around the world. .

New Beard Patrol and Skin Patrol. Our Best Men’s Skincare Line Up Yet.

Now you can have exceptional beard and skincare as unique as you are. Our new Beard Patrol products bring the kind of manageability and moisture your particular beard needs. New Skin Patrol products promote a clearer complexion and healthier skin. Plus, like all our products, our new Skin Patrol and Beard Patrol men’s skincare products contain the high-quality, therapeutic ingredients you can feel good about such as tea tree oil, olive and shea butters plus Himalayan sea salt.

Your Current Cologne Might Be Jealous.

You might be asking: “The perfect formula for moisture and manageability are great, but what does this stuff smell like?” We auditioned several international fragrance houses before we found the one who was able to capture just the right fresh, masculine yet subtle scent for each of our new Beard Patrol and Skin Patrol products. So, get ready to present your (amazing smelling) best self.