Texturizer Wave & Curl Reg 15oz by Luster Scurl

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  • Luster's Scurl Texturizer Wave & Curl Reg works by expanding the natural curl / wave pattern already present in hair, changing hard to comb hair into soft manageable natural looking curls and waves in minutes.
  • Apply Lusters Creme over entire head using back of large tooth comb.
    - Comb the S Curl Creme gently through until an S wave pattern appears.
    For best results concentrate combing first in the most resistant area (usually the back and around the hairline) then through the rest of the head.
    If hair is particularly fine or thin do not straighten completely leave a slight S wave formation in hair.
    - Rinse the S Curl Creme thoroughly from the hair with water as warm as the patron can stand.
    - Then shampoo hair at least twice with a conditioning neutralizing shampoo which is designed to neutralize the softening action of the S Curl creme as well as condition the hair.
    - Rinse lather away thoroughly with warm water.
    - Towel blot to eliminate excess moisture.
    - Spray a small amount of Lusters S Curl NO DRIP Activator and Moisturizer on scalp and gently massage through