Organics Olive Oil Twist & Loc Gel 15oz by Africa's Best

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  • Fortified and enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil Twist & Loc Gel reaches a new level of conditioning, moisturizing and shine. This creamy alcohol free non-flaking formula replenishes moisture while giving longer lasting hold and shine for twist and loc styles.
  • Directions for Comb Twists, Double Strand or Free Hand Twists: Before applying Organics by Africa's Best Olive Oil Twist & Loc Gel gently cleanse hair and condition, towel dry, section hair and apply twist and loc gel. Twist hair with comb or fingers; for best results, set twists under a warm dryer. To touch-up twists or locs at new growth, section hair and apply a small amount of gel. Re-twist or palm roll and set under a dryer for best results.