Black Castor Oil - Morrocan Argan 4oz by My DNA

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  • My DNA Morrocan Argan Jamaican Black Castor Oils are powerful, universal in usage, treatment oils that maintain their own DNA nutritive beneficial properties of moisturizing, soothing and strengthening for hair, scalp and/or skin. Natural Hair Loss Remedy Helps Promote Hair Growth Helps Stimulate the Follicles Helps Tone & Firm Up the Skin
  • HAIR & SCALP: Apply a small amount of pure My DNA® MOROCCAN ARGAN daily or as needed to roots and scalp. Massage into scalp, using fingertips to help stimulate circulation. Leave in or rinse out after 20 minutes.
    SKIN: Apply liberally to hands, feet and/or cuticles. Massage in to skin to soften and help eliminate dryness. SOAK: Pour a liberal amount into warm water for a soothing soak.
    HOT OIL TREATMENT: Apply to hair and scalp, cover with a plastic cap. Sit under a warm dryer (or use a moist warm towel over the plastic cap) for 15-20 minutes to help open the cuticles. Rinse and style.