Hair Twist Sponge

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  • Premium Hair Twist Sponge For curls, Dreads & Afro
    Double Side design: Both sides can be used to twist your hair, the spiky side can create bigger coils and the flat side can create smaller curls; give you a great fashionable hair style within minutes without damaging your natural look
    Easy to Use: Help you to collate your hair style at home with a professional style and save your pockets from the barber shop

    1. High flexibility
    2. Environmentally safe
    3. Lower distortion
    4. Small shrink
    5. Size: 190 * 115 * 60mm; Hole Diameter: 8 mm
    6. Material: Sponge + EPE / EVA
  • 1. Slightly dampen hair.
    2. Apply a twist and lock gel or your regular styling gel to your slightly damp hair.
    3. You may also apply some of your styling product to the sponge.
    4. Use sponge and go in a circular motion across your head.
    5. Do not press heavily on the hair.Spin in one direction only.
    6. Within minutes, you will have a head of perfectly formed twists.